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IIAM Organ and Tissue
Recovery Protocols

The following recovery protocols will guide you in procuring the optimal organs and tissues for research. The protocols serve as guidelines in best practices for specific recoveries. By adhering to the protocols, you will help ensure the usability of the organs and tissues you recover for research. As a result, these organs and tissues can be utilized as they were intended: to study numerous diseases and possible cures, to develop new drugs and therapies, and to help medical education thrive.

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Recovery Protocols
All IIAM Organ and Tissue Recovery Protocols require a password to open. To obtain your password please contact: IIAM 24-Hour Service: 800-486-IIAM or Contact IIAM for more information.

Recovery Workshops
IIAM hosts annual Recovery Workshops to provide educational training for OPO specialists on proper procedures regarding recovery for research tissues. Please Contact IIAM for more information.

PC Portal
If you require assistance with your password to access the PC Portal, contact statline at 800-494-7828 and press 1 to speak with a representative. Access Here.