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Options for Donors
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If you work closely with people who are facing death or grieving families who have suffered a loss and there is an interest in donating non-transplantable organs and tissues so that others might live, IIAM can help.

An Option for Donors
Faced with the loss of a loved one, many families seek a positive outlet to their grief by donating organs for transplantation. Too often, they must be told that the medical condition of the deceased or circumstances of the death prohibit donation for transplantation.

IIAM offers an alternative: donation for medical research and education. IIAM brings together donor families, medical research facilities and medical schools. We work closely with prominent research programs and provide a comforting option for donors and families wishing to donate.

Serving the Research Community
IIAM supports local research needs first. To ensure that donors' wishes are fulfilled, if organ placement cannot occur locally, IIAM contacts its regional and national research partners.

IIAM follows a strict set of guidelines in working with research laboratories and medical education programs. To qualify for donated organs or tissues through IIAM, researchers must:

1. Complete IIAM's Application/Agreement for Human Tissues
2. Demonstrate scientific merit
Be approved by IIAM's Application Review Committee
Remain in compliance with IIAM's terms and conditions

Commitment to Donors and Donor Families
IIAM is committed to serving donors. We view donation as a living memorial and, through our extensive network of research and medical education affiliates, we work to fulfill the wishes of the donor.

Fast Facts Sheet
General information about the benefits of using donated tissues and organs for research on common diseases and disorders, plus researcher testimonials. Click here to view/download.


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