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Application Process
With profound respect for the individuals and families who donate organs and tissues for medical research and education, IIAM requires all researchers to complete and submit a Biomaterial Transfer Agreement. This Agreement will include the researcher's request for tissues and all necessary criteria. The Agreement also serves to ensure that the donated human tissues will be used as intended i.e. for medical and/or scientific research and education.

IIAM's Organ Division receives referrals of non-transplantable organs and tissues for research from organ donors for transplantation.

Contact IIAM for the IIAM Biomaterial Transfer Agreement (PDF) for Non-Distributors “Non-Distributors” are researchers who will use the tissue for in-house research only, and who may utilize contract services to assist in their ability to perform said studies but do not, at any time, lose control of the tissue.

Contact IIAM for the IIAM Biomaterial Transfer Agreement (PDF) for Distributors “Distributors” are researchers who will process the tissues into some other form, and distribute the newly created product for a service fee.

The completed Biomaterial Transfer Agreement will be submitted to IIAM's Application Review Committee. The approval process takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks and can be expedited if necessary. Following approval, researchers are notified and offered to be immediately included into IIAM's placement rotation.


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